Brazilian Socioeconomic Data

IBGE: Official webpage from the Brazilian Statistical Office

SIDRA/IBGE: Several aggregate indicators constructed from the IBGE datasets

DATAZOOM: Stata packages to extract microdata from the Brazilian household surveys

PDET: Access to administrative data collected by the Brazilian Ministry of Labor

INEP: Brazilian educational statistics (indicators and microdata)

DATASUS: Brazilian health statistics (indicators and microdata)

BACEN: Statistics about the Brazilian banking system

IPEADATA: Brazilian socioeconomic information compiled from several different sources

Other Socioeconomic Data

DHS: Demographic and Health Surveys

IPUMS: Harmonized household-level data from several countries

Microdata Library: World Bank’s microdata collections

WDI: World Bank’s development indicators

Brazilian Historical Data

CRL: Brazilian government documents in PDF format

SEADE: Archival demographic, socioeconomic and administrative information about the state of São Paulo in PDF format

IBGE: All economic and demographic censuses since 1872 in PDF format

Other Historical Data

Maddison Project: historical economic performance estimates

Geographic Data

AidData: Geo-coded information about development projects

FAO/GAEZ: Geo-coded information on agronomic suitability for several crops

Climatic Data: Geo-coded data on temperature and precipitation since 1900 (0.5 x 0.5 grids)