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“The Economic Consequences of the Agricultural Expansion in Matopiba”. Revista Brasileira de Economia, 2018, Vol. 72(2), pp. 161-185.

Working Papers

Geographic Heterogeneity and Technology Adoption” (with Juliano Assunção and Pedro Hemsley). April 2018. Revise and Resubmit, Land Economics.

“Technological Change, Human Capital and Migration” (with Juliano Assunção and Claudio Ferraz). Under review.

“Technological Change and Deforestation: Evidence from the Brazilian Cerrado” (with Juliano Assunção). Under Review.

“Political Dynasties and the Quality of Government” (with Claudio Ferraz and Juan Rios). Under Review.

Work in Progress

“Monitoring, Politics and Deforestation in the Amazon” (with Ricardo Dahis)

“The Effects of Roads on Deforestation: Evidence from Brazil” (with Juliano Assunção)