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Working Papers

Cutting Special Interests by the Root: Evidence from the Brazilian Amazon (w/ Ricardo Dahis), July 2021. Submitted

Extension Services can Promote Sustainable Intensification in Cattle Ranching (w/ Pete Newton, Avery Cohn, Juliano Assunção, Cristiane Camboim, Diego de Faveri, Barbara Farinelli, Viviana Perego, Mateus Tavares, Janei Resende, Sidnei de Medeiros). May 2021. (available upon request)

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Work in Progress

The Effects of Roads on Deforestation: A Market-Access Approach (w/ Juliano Assunção and Rafael Araújo)

Foreign Demand Shocks and the Spatial Spread of Brazilian Deforestation (w/ Rodrigo Adão and  Jonathan Dingel)

No-till, Fires, and Pollution in the Cerrado (w/ André Sant’anna)